In this week’s episode of the Web We Weave, we apply a critical lens to the new media surrounding “Westworld,” a series on HBO created by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. Although the show itself is a form of old media, the writers of the show have taken extensive measures to extend the viewing experience. Working with HBO Marketing Directors, they created interactive websites that have hidden Easter eggs about the show. In addition to the websites, the complex design and enigma surrounding the series has incited fans to form their own discussion threads and platforms online. Moreover, we will highlight the way the writers have used new media strategies to extend audience engagement.


The Weird Science of Marketing ‘Westworld’” by Daniel Holloway

Sabrina Calouri- HBO marketing SVP & worked in conjunction with writers to make interactive websites

HBO Needs to Rewire ‘Westworld’ for Season 2: Advice From a Former Fan” by Andrew Wallenstein

We Know Which ‘Westworld’ Character You Are”- Buzzfeed Quiz

Westworld’s multiple timeline theory”- YouTube video by The Outline



‘Westworld’ Finale: DelosIncorporated.com”- Stephanie Dube Dwilson
Delosincorporated hex code translated into the two links

Ending Credits Music

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