Listening Project Reflection

Once you’ve published your Listening Project page, you need to also publish a post to your site. You should begin with a brief paragraph that summarizes the key points of your argument in such a way that it invites a reader’s interest enough to want to read the full piece.

You should also write a longish paragraph or so reflecting on the writing that you did and what you learned in the process.

How do you see your work on the podcast episode helping you to achieve the learning outcomes for this course? Link to the specific learning outcome posts that applied to your work on this assignment, and explain how you met that outcome with your work on this assignment.

You might also address questions such as:

  • Were the strategies, skills and procedures you used effective for this assignment?
  • What sorts of challenges did you face and how did you overcome those challenges?
  • Do you see any patterns emerging in how you approached your writing now that we’re further in the semester?
  • What have you learned about my strengths and my areas in need of improvement?
  • What was the most interesting aspect of this assignment for you?
  • Now that you’ve completed this project, if you were asked to continue and to interview another student or two, how would you approach that task similarly or differently?

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