Equality of Opportunity Project Intro Draft

The equality of opportunity project include data on economic and social mobility of students from hundreds of schools across the nation. My group thus far has gathered data on the top 20 schools based in mobility rate. Our idea is to  compare these top 20 schools and see what characteristics they have in common. Perhaps […]

In-Class Free Write: Equality of Opportunity Project

My group is investigating if there is a gender difference in different tiers of colleges within each income level; meaning, do more boys in the top 1% attend Ivy League schools than girls in the top 1%? We’re researching gender differences within different schools, and then looking into income differences within those schools and combining the …

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Literacy Narrative: The Present

Literacy Narrative: The Present Understanding my own actions is something I try to do often. Why do I eat the way I do? How can I improve my diet? What patterns do I see among my friends? One aspect I hadn’t thought about analyzing was my online presence as a small media creator. Perhaps this […]

Technology Literacy Narrative

My narrative essentially walks through my relationship with technology thus far in my life, beginning with my computer tendencies as a child to the digital age I live in now. As I reflected on my “technological timeline,” I realized the massive growth technology experienced just in my lifetime, and I discussed generational differences in regard to technology, beginning …

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Pages vs. Posts

In this class, I make a clear distinction between blog posts and pages: all of your major, formal projects¬†will go onto your sites as pages. The sketch assignments and all of the other shorter, low-stakes, reflective writing that you do […]