Grading Contract

In “Grading Contract Journey, Part 1” John Warner describes contract grading as a method of shifting assessment methods to match the behavior and needs of writers. Writing, he argues, “requires curiosity, it requires comfort with ambiguity, recognizing that a piece […]

Grading Scales

Grading Percentage Scale % Letter Grade 93.00-100 A 90.00-92.99 A- 86.00-89.99 B+ 83.00-85.99 B 80.00-82.99 B- 76.00-79.99 C+ 73.00-75.99 C 70.00-72.99 C- 66.00-69.99 D+ 60.00-65.99 D 0-59.99 F Grading Scale Quality Points Here is the official Emory University grading system […]