Week Ahead: 10

10 3/21 Midway podcast series discussion. Make sure you’ve listened carefully to all 8 episodes of the podcast series to date & you’ve read the podcast reflection posts from your classmates. If you haven’t published any reflections for episodes you […]

Week ahead: 8

The number 8

8 2/28  Sarah Hendren “All Technology Is Assistive: Six design rules on “disability” Screen reader demo 3/2  Ian Bogost “Why Nothing Works Anymore: Technology has its own purposes” Anil Dash “The Web We Lost“ This week we’ll talk about accessibility […]

Week Ahead: 7

7 2/21 Listening Project — reply to your peers, brainstorm questions, what are the objectives. Listen to the first two podcast episodes carefully. Be prepared to discuss the episodes, observe the lessons you can take away from them as you […]

Week ahead: 4

4 1/31 Writing Online chpt 2 Factcheck.org “How to spot fake news” & NYT: “Inside a Fake News Sausage Factory: ‘This Is All About Income’“ 2/2 No class Technology literacy narrative due Many of you have already posted designs for […]

Week Ahead: 3

3 1/24 Writing Online intro (with liveblogging) Discuss podcast & technology literacy narrative 1/26 Writing Online chpt 1 “Hello World” Rolin Moe, “All I Know Is What’s on the Internet“ I’ve rearranged the schedule for the next couple of weeks a […]