Update from class today

You all have administrator privileges on the Equality of Opportunity Project subdomain (check your Emory email for information) and that site is also set to syndicate posts from the categories associated with your groups. (I was wrong, this morning, when I […]


In this week’s episode, we will be analyzing the online feminist publication, Reductress, a The Onion-style website that employs satirical articles and Podcast episodes to expose how both traditional and new media attempt to capitalize on female empowerment yet still perpetuate unhealthy […]


I’m setting up the syndication feed for the project subdomain. Publish posts on your course site with the appropriate category (admissions, endowment, gender, or top20) and those will syndicate to corresponding pages there starting some time today. Your posts will only syndicate if […]


Sustainability is a growing business. But, guess what? That’s not what it’s all about. Like Wu-Tang said, “Cash Rules Everything Around Me,” but let’s not forget about our climate here on planet earth. So, with leadership and conscious, altruistic education […]