THE wEB wE wEAVE graphic elements

Due: 1/31

Now that we’ve settled on the title for our podcast, The Web We Weave (which we might write as THE wEB wE wEAVE) we need a few images before I can add the RSS feed for our new Soundcloud account to iTunes so that an audience can listen and subscribe to it:

  • A square cover image (1400 x 1400 pixels) for the podcast series
  • A banner image (2480 x 520 pixels) for the Soundcloud account
  • A square Soundcloud profile image, which can be the same as the podcast cover, but doesn’t need to be

(We also need to have episodes uploaded, which we won’t have until 2/16 when our first pair of producers finish their episodes and I upload them.)

Here’s your next sketch assignment: each of you should take a stab at designing a square cover image for our podcast. If you have some interest in design, it would be cool if you also tried creating a rectangular banner image too!

Take this as simply a creative challenge. Try to come up with a single image that conveys the discussions we’ve had so far about what this podcast will be about, the suggested topics in the podcast planning doc, and your own sense of what you want to happen with the podcast.

Use whatever technology you choose, including crayons and paper if that is what works for you. If you are using digital methods, export a good quality .jpg or .png file. If you use analog methods for designing a cover, then make a color scan of your image (don’t just snap a photo with your cell phone).

Here’s some inspiration for you: a the podcast gallery has a big list of podcasts and you can scroll through the cover images to see other designs. And here are the 2 covers for the podcast series from my classes on video games: Gamecast and Doing Video Game With … in case they help to spark something.

If you use images created by someone else in your design, make sure they are CC-licensed and allow modifications (in other words, the creator did not choose the NoDerivatives license).


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