The Odyssey Online

In this week’s episode of The Web We Weave, we examine the way that The Odyssey Online, an online, millenial writing publication, acts as new media. We evaluate the success of The Odyssey’s mission to democratize content, and we discuss their legitimacy as a blog versus a journalistic site.


Bilton, Ricardo. “Inside The Odyssey, a local-news model that works

McAlone, Nathan. “A startup that just raised $25 million is like a college newspaper on steroids — and it’s racking up 30 million uniques a month

Papenfuss, Marisa. “The Odyssey needs to rethink its approach to online journalism

Schoenberger, Emily. “The Odyssey dilutes journalism

Treganowan, Kathleen. “Online content hub The Odyssey posts over 2,000 articles a week. And it’s still growing.

West, Sami “An open letter to The Odyssey Online

Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics

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