Update from class today

You all have administrator privileges on the Equality of Opportunity Project subdomain (check your Emory email for information) and that site is also set to syndicate posts from the┬ácategories associated with your groups. (I was wrong, this morning, when I said that it would syndicate from any one of those categories. Your post will only syndicate if it’s in the category for the group you’re working in.)

We agreed to the following timeline:

  • By 4/13 you should have made some progress on drafting on the site
  • By 4/18 your individual group sites should be pretty well completed
  • We’ll spend the next couple of days making final edits and making connections across the groups.
  • Final site done by 4/20

Then you’ll have until 4/27 to write a reflection about the equality of opportunity project, make edits on your course site, and write your portfolio reflection letter.

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