Week Ahead: 10

10 3/21 Midway podcast series discussion. Make sure you’ve listened carefully to all 8 episodes of the podcast series to date & you’ve read the podcast reflection posts from your classmates. If you haven’t published any reflections for episodes you worked on, do so before Tuesday.Equality of Opportunity project continued.

Visual Analysis Best Practices: Simple Techniques for Making Every Data Visualization Useful and Beautiful” Tableau white paper.

3/23  Listening Project posted.

Sketch assignment: data viz

Tuesday’s class will be divided between three activities:

  • touching base on the podcast series at the midpoint, evaluating the episodes so far and adjusting course as necessary;
  • discussing best practices for visual analysis through the Tableau white paper linked above, and also available in our backchannel (and I’ll also bring in some books on data viz to pass around and look through); and
  • continuing the discussion of the Opportunity Project data, website, and Tableau. If you weren’t in class yesterday, check out Katie’s helpful introduction to Tableau document.

If you have not already downloaded Tableau, please make certain to do so asap. If you installed the software in trial version mode, the student account product key information is now available in our backchannel.

For class on Thursday, we’ll look at data visualizations you complete as the sketch assignment and we’ll discuss, hopefully settle on, working groups for us to proceed in the following weeks.

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