Week ahead: 2

2 1/17 Get your domain and install subdomain for this class
Net Smart Intro and chpt 1
Avatar sketch assignment due
1/19 Net Smart chpt 2 “Crap Detection 101”In class: begin discussing podcast

During week two, we’ll begin discussing Howard Rheingold’s Net Smart. (Remember you can get an electronic version of the book through Woodruff.) Come to class on having read the assigned chapters.

Before we meet again for the second week of classes, you also need to have a couple of websites up and ready to begin being developed.

If you haven’t already, register a domain and install WordPress on it, then create a subdomain for this class and install WordPress into the subdomain too. (More detailed instructions are included here — and there are links from there to even more detailed instructions.) With your subdomain, follow the instructions in that linked post and configure the site as directed.

Once your domain is set up, create an avatar too. Make certain your final image is a square and publish it as a blog post on your class subdomain. Once I’ve got your subdomain URL and I’ve set up the course feed function, your avatar post will automagically come over to this page and then I’ll use your avatar images to fill in the student sites page.

If you run into trouble with any of this work, please:

Just do your best to work through it. If WordPress is new to you, this will all be a little disorienting and confusing, but I promise you that it will feel much more manageable once you’ve gotten used to this all a bit. There are other students in the class who have done all this before, so if you do run into trouble, before you come to me with your questions, try posting in uBlend and seeing if someone else can help your figure it out.


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