Week Ahead: 3

3 1/24 Writing Online intro (with liveblogging)

Discuss podcast & technology literacy narrative

1/26 Writing Online chpt 1 “Hello World”

Rolin Moe, “All I Know Is What’s on the Internet

I’ve rearranged the schedule for the next couple of weeks a bit, so pay attention.

Your homework between now and class on Tuesday is to read the introductory chapter of George Pullman’s Writing Online and to liveblog your reading on uBlend — which in this case means as you read, I want you to keep an eye out for claims that seem especially insightful, unexpected, or challenging. When something seems especially worth note, check the uBlend class stream and if someone has not already written about that claim, then add a post where you quote the claim, or at least paraphrase it, (and cite the page number parenthetically so we can all find it). Add a single sentence of your own — even if it’s brief — indicating why you find that claim interesting or posing a question about it. If someone has already addressed the claim that you were going to, add a “+1” reaction to their post, and if you feel like you have a slightly different reaction or want to offer an answer to the question your classmate posed, consider adding a one-sentence comment. You should each have at least one post in the stream, preferably two, and at least one comment on a classmate’s post (in addition to any +1s).

You should also, before class on Tuesday, read through the post where I listed some potential examples of subjects for our podcast and think about examples of new media that you might want to analyze in a podcast episode. Which probably means spending some time thinking about what media sources you consume as you spend your time online. As you are doing that, you should also be thinking about your behaviors and habits online — what sorts of things you do online now, what sorts of technologies you use, and how you got to where you are with technology. What sorts of technologies do you know how to use? What sorts of technologies do you wish you knew how to use? When you write something for class or for other purposes, what sort of process do you use and what technologies do you rely on? How do you take notes, keep yourself on task, collaborate with others? How have all of those processes evolved while you’ve been in college? Just keep those questions in the back of your mind and take note of any observations that arise while you are reading Pullman or thinking about podcast subjects. Thinking about those questions will help you to begin to construct your technology literacy personal narrative beginning on Tuesday.

For Thursday, you’ll need a plain text editor (not MS Word or Google docs). My favored text editors are TextWrangler (Mac only, I think) or Atom (which is Mac, Windows, or Linux). Notepad++ for Windows is also highly rated. As you read, perform the coding tasks outlined. I’ll follow up with some more specific instructions for uploading the resulting files to your domain early in the week.

The Rolin Moe article is in fairly direct conversation with the Rheingold chapter from week 2, so we’ll circle back and discuss evaluating sources online during class as well.

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