Week ahead: 8

The number 8
8 2/28  Sarah Hendren “All Technology Is Assistive: Six design rules on “disability

Screen reader demo

3/2  Ian Bogost “Why Nothing Works Anymore: Technology has its own purposes

Anil Dash “The Web We Lost

This week we’ll talk about accessibility and technology. Sarah Hendren’s “All Technology is Assistive” is an excellent introduction to universal design principles. Ian Bogost’s article was just published in The Atlantic this week and is not directly connected to accessibility issues, but I think it raises some useful ways to think about the issue, which we’ll connect up with Anil Dash’s blog post from 5 years ago.


Read the Sarah Hendren article linked above. I’ve also asked you to watch this screen reader demonstration:

The first 5 minutes is the demonstration itself, followed by a brief description of what is going on.

We’ll spend time in class connecting the demonstration video and Hendren’s article with Pullman’s argument in Writing Online. What lessons can we draw from these sources about how we present information?


We’ll continue the discussion of accessibility, but we’ll also bring Bogost and Dash into the mix.

[More details coming here today]

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