Key Terms for Podcast analysis

Some terms & phrases that you might consider as you think about analyzing the subjects of your podcast episodes from Jenkins:

  • Convergence Culture
  • Convergence of old media and new media
  • Participatory Culture
  • Collective Intelligence
  • delivery systems vs. cultural systems
  • medium vs. technology or media protocols vs. technology
  • one-to-many media vs. many-to-many
  • shifts in patterns of media ownership
  • tele-cocooning
  • lowered production and distribution costs & broadened delivery channels for media vs. the alarming concentration of ownership of mainstream commercial media
  • top-down corporate-driven process vs. bottom-up consumer-driven process
  • changes in media consumption
  • mixed signals from media producers: encouraging change vs. resisting “renegade behavior”
  • extension
  • synergy
  • franchise
  • knowledge communities
  • affective economics
  • transmedia storytelling
  • fan culture, fanfic, fan production
  • politics of participation
  • participatory democracy

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